Do you pay enough attention to your retirement funds?

Individual executive pension plans

Individual executive pension plans put business owners, managers and the self-employed in the driver’s seat in the super-mandatory portion of the 2nd pillar. Take back control of your retirement. Agilis 1e Collective Foundation is a joint foundation with personal, individual and comprehensive service. Our solutions also include attractive prices, tremendous flexibility and advanced digitalization.

Does your pension fund sometimes feel like a black box? Do you know what investments your pension fund holds? How much of your total assets consist of retirement savings?

As a business owner or company executive, you’re used to making decisions yourself and assuming responsibility. It’s a big part of your job – but most retirement plans won’t let you draw on this strength. Not so Agilis 1e Collective Foundation’s income-oriented pension solution in the super-mandatory portion of the 2nd pillar. We give you more transparency and more freedom to customize your retirement solution, select your investment strategy and optimize your taxes.

Beneficial separation of basic and executive pension plans

By separating basic and executive pension plans, you avoid cross-subsidizing inflated pension promises in mandatory occupational pension programs. As a pension account holder, you will have your own personal retirement portfolio for income classified as ‘super-mandatory’ for pension purposes and can select from up to ten investment strategies based on your risk profile. Extra contributions will be fully credited to your personal retirement portfolio.

Agilis 1e Collective Foundation is an efficiently structured joint foundation. You can draw on our extensive experience, deep expertise and customer-centric team. We avoid needless duplications by running a lean ship without a dedicated sales organization and can pass on the cost savings to our pension account holders.

We believe the 1e executive pension solution is the biggest innovation to hit the pension industry in decades. Through proactive digitalization, we aim to make the wide-ranging pension business even more accessible to customers and raise their awareness in the years to come.

Sign up for our 1e executive pension solution and take back control of your retirement today.

Agilis 1e Collective Foundation

Agilis 1e Collective Foundation was established in 2009 as a joint foundation serving the super-mandatory segment of the occupational pension market.

Individual 1e executive pension solution

Individual 1e executive pension plans put business owners and company managers in the driver’s seat in the super-mandatory portion of the second pillar.


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